Ivy Mandal

Kolkata, India

Phenomenon of Attraction
Colour Woodcut 2’ x 4’
Award of Rs. 20,000/-

A Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Baroda, Ivy Mandal, born in 1988, the third prize winner, has to her credit a host of awards and scholarships.  Childhood influences, deep desires, dreams and pain have all added up to her visual vocabulary. Her work is a true reflection of her personal experiences, unfulfilled dreams and desires from day-to-day life. She fulfills those desires through practical work.

She symbolically uses body parts to elaborate relationships between males and females through various mediums such as etching, lithography, serigrapghy, woodcut and platography. Presently, she is working on these in three-dimensional forms. She uses different materials such as wood-stick, marble, gold, liquid, resin, fibre, paper-pulp etc.